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Salut, rebellious ones, here are some free Green Day downloads.
Also, I have gathered a little more information about Billie Joe's new clothing line, Adeline...

With his own fashion-forward style and a song from 2000 titled "Fashion Victim," it's clear Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong knows something about fashion. Now he's bringing some of his punk-inspired style to the masses in his men's and women's line, Adeline, named after his record label. Armstrong and wife Adrienne have developed a variety of tees and accessories geared towards the alternative/punk scene. The men's collection will feature long-sleeved and short-sleeved button-ups, tees, fitted jackets, and tapered pants. The women's collection consists of woven tees, hoodies, dresses and button-up tops. On the accessories side are beanies, cadet hats and ties. A unique feature of the line is that different Adeline logos were created for men and women, setting the brand apart from other labels. Ensuring their designs fully come to life, Armstrong and his wife have teamed up with Rock Steady Clothing Company, who'll guide the couple on development and production of the line. To catch a sneak peek of the brand in action, watch for TV appearances and magazine shoots of Billie Joe, or see him live on the current Green Day tour for American Idiot; he's sure to be adorned in his self-designed clothes. Adeline by Rock Steady will make its debut at the MAGIC Show in Las Vegas in early 2006.

Thank you, backinburntcity, for the awesome rules banner! You rock!

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