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Name: Laura

Age: 17

Hobby(s): singing, being random, watching movies, writing, writing songs, hanging out with friends, listening to music, going to concerts, telling people random facts, looking up Green Day stuff during school and getting in trouble for it, and oh so many other things

Favorite Movie: I don't have a favorite but some of mine are Vanilla Sky, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Crazy/Beautiful

Favorite Green Day Song: Ahhh they're all awesome, but some of my favorites are Poprocks and Coke because that's my bf and mine's song (we're both obssessed with GD), Hitchin'A Ride because it's an awesome 20's on crack sounding song, and King for a Day because it's hilarious and just between you and bf has been "king for a day" LOL. And I have the pictures...

Instruments you play and favorite genre of music to play: I used to play the piano, flute, and oboe, but now I play bf is trying to teach me guitar but we both have attention spans of goldfish and apparently he's not that great of a teacher. HA. Uh, I sing though...and my favorite music to sing to is anything rock related really. I like all different kinds of music but rock and anything hard rock are my favorites.

*Why you like Green Day: I've liked Green Day since Jr. High. While everyone else was listening to their precious *NSYNC I was rockin' out to Green Day. I like them because they write their own music, they play their own instruments, they're talented, they're not afraid to be themselves, they make fun of themselves, they're in your face and out there, they're themselves and don't apologize for it, they're like cockroaches and will be here for ETERNITY, they're music is both serious AND funny...sometimes at the same time...and their lyrics have meaning. You can relate to them without even trying. Their music has helped me through so many crappy times and just seeing them, hearing them, or mentioning them brings back a pride to music, gets you pumped up, and kinda gives you lets you know that good music is still out there and not all of it is crap.

*Your definition of punk: Hmm, I think to me it's just saying fuck you to everyone else and just being yourself. It doesn't matter what people think of you, what they say about you, what they do to you and yourself only. You're an individual and if you were like everyone else you'd be boring as hell. Punk isn't a genre it's a lifestyle and as Billie said "It doesn't matter if your a loser, it just depends how good you are at it." Be a loser, be a sinner, be a skank, be a rebel, be a saint...who the fuck cares?! Just be yourself!

What do you think of Avril Lavigne covering Green Day's songs (Basketcase and American Idiot): Ahhh, I personally hate her with a PASSION (sorry to her fans) I have never heard these said songs but when I heard about it I twitched and yelled in agony "OH GOD WHY?!" Because Green Day's music is classic and shouldn't just be thrown around to should at least be done right.

*If you were blessed enough to meet Billie Joe what would you say: I'd tell him how I respect him as an artist, how I love his music, how it's helped me through hard times and all that jazz. I'd try to actually hold a conversation with him. I don't care if it's about flamingos migrating to Turkey in May...any words with Billie Joe would be amazing since he's an inspiration and a muse.

Say something random: I wish I could have all the grilled cheese in the world...and then I could sit on the top of the mountain of grilled cheese and eat my fill all day long while listening to Green Day and watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on TV...either that or Invader Zim...whatever happened to that show anyway? I MISS IT SOOOO.
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