rae (billiesexmuffin) wrote in billiesparadise,

Name: Rachael

Age: Sixteen

Hobby(s): Ice Skating, playing Guitar

Favorite Movie: Riding in Vans with Boys

Favorite Green Day Song: Blood, Sex and Booze

Instruments you play and favorite genre of music to play: Guitar,Piano,Violin,Viola,Drums,Recorder..I like to play Green Day music + other rock or whatever.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? um.. Invisablity because that would be soo amazing, outta this world! =D

*Why you like Green Day: Because their music is so melodic and addictive. I love how they never lose their act for creating the best songs, year after year. I am a huge fan and I started to like them in 1997.

*Your definition of punk: Having your own mind,free will...doing whatever you want to,within reason.

What do you think of Avril Lavigne covering Green Day's songs (Basketcase and American Idiot): um.. Good that people like them enough to play their music, but she didn't do a good job.

*If you were blessed enough to meet Billie Joe what would you say: I wouldn't know. I'd be like... hey and I love Green Day and you guys rock. I love your lyrics a lot and I can't believe i'm actually here. Or I wouldn't say anything...ahah..i'd be like.. woah. No i'd just be so glad to have got to meet them. As I live in N.Ireland, so I don't have much of a chance to actually.

Say something random: um.. i'm totally random..so.. yah.. I say whatever comes to mind.
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