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never forget chicken man!!

Name: Amy
Age: 15
Hobby(s): guitarring, hockey, badminton, cookies (do they count?) writing, listening to music - ie green day aaaand talking to friends
Favorite Movie: life of brian.its just great. but with any luck, live freaky die freaky should be somewhere up there.
Favorite Green Day Song: i cant chose one!! it depends. i like hitchin a ride, whatsername, macys day parade, 86 and minnesota girl. that song is sooo beautiful. but i can chose one. there are hundreds.
Instruments you play and favorite genre of music to play: guitar. and obviously punk, and or rock.
If you could have any super power, what would it be? invisibility. so i could watch people all day. do you ever do that? and i wouldnt feel so self concious.
Why you like Green Day:because their music has changed my life. because they are incredible people and i love them and their incredible music. it keeps me going when things get hard. and i am in love with billie joe totally! and tre is the coolest man on earth, for lack of a better word!!
Your definition of punk: doing what you want and not caring about anyboday elses opinion. life is your own, you only get one, so why waste it trying to please everyone else. just make the most of it and live for the moment. this is why green day are punk. they are speaking out and trying to better the world and dont care about what anyone else says or thinks.
What do you think of Avril Lavigne covering Green Day's songs (Basketcase and American Idiot): erp. umm... shes good but maybe she should stick to her own music. i think there is only one man on earth whose voice is anywhere near as beautiful as billie's and im afraid that's billie.
If you were blessed enough to meet Billie Joe what would you say: you are an incredible man and thank you for your music.please dont ever stop what you are doing, you are my hero. and please may you come play in my hometown and sign my tshirt?
Say something random: the ozone layer depletion is the atmosferret's fault.

coolie. thank you!! x
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